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Program Breakdown:

  • 12 Weekly LIVE group video calls on Wednesdays at 8:30pm EST, led by yours truly where I will be both teaching you new ways of seeing & relating while ALSO coaching you on the court of your own life as we presence & transform the beliefs that have limited you from having what you want. These calls will be held virtually via Zoom and recorded. (We will not meet the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas).
  • Your very own private group on Facebook where you can ask unlimited questions and receive insight and support & celebration from me and your sisters on this journey. This is where you get to show up to fully invest in your growth, and I will meet you there to ensure your success in this program.
  • Regular playsheets and assignments that have you actively applying our learning on the court in your own life.
  • BONUS: one of our calls will be an “Ask my partner” session in which my partner, Jamie, will be offering a healthy, masculine perspective on love and relationship and you will receive the opportunity to ask him WHATEVER you want 🙂 He’s just as excited to facilitate your growth as I am.
  • ADDITIONAL BONUS: Every woman in the group will get a 1-hr one-on-one session with me in which I will meet you with compassion & laser insight to focus specifically on your journey and create further breakthroughs in your life.

In this Program, you will be learning, healing & receiving:

  • You will explore the early life challenges you faced, what you made them mean about yourself & life, & how that meaning has shaped how you give and receive in relationships.
  • You will be looking at your relationship history, getting fully aware of what ACTUALLY happened, the MEANING you brought to it, and creating a brand-new story about love.
  • You will become fully aware of & in the driver’s seat of your emotional navigation system—understanding the perfection of your emotions, understanding your feelings and the needs they are pointing to so that you are no longer stopped by fear, overwhelm, disappointment, etc. and are aligning your actions with FEELING GOOD, every day. (There has never been anything wrong with how you feel…and I’ll show you how.)
  • You will learn how to distinguish the different Insecure & Secure Attachment patterns, know where you fall on this spectrum and know how to meet your needs–AND choose partners who will be able to meet you there.
  • You will reconnect with and discover the sacred fire of your anger—and how to channel it into clarity around what you do and do not want, how to express it constructively, and to use it as a creative force for good.
  • You will become clear on & releasing any bullshit myths that you have learned through years of patriarchal conditioning & toxic masculinity that has muddled your truth, that’s had you judging yourself & dimming your light in your relationships.
  • You will be looking at your relationship to RECEIVING, to being expressed in your feminine, and facing the fears while taking the actions that feed your pleasure.
  • You will learn to distinguish the voice of your ego from your inner truth–so that you are no longer paralyzed over making a “wrong choice” and able to take confident action that is rooted in love instead of fear.
  • You will get present to all of the ways that YOU have unconsciously rejected yourself through the years, and learn to love and embrace every aspect of yourself.

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