Calling all women who are ready to get off the rollercoaster of heartbreak & rejection & be loved for all that you are…


Are you ready to end suffering in your relationships? To reconnect with the power of your own voice? To compassionately ask for what you want and need? To love generously while maintaining CLEAR boundaries?

Are you ready to learn how to RECEIVE? To fully understand and release your fear so that you are open to support and walking in the world with the confidence and dignity of a radiant queen?

Are you ready to SEE yourself, clearly in your magnificence? To release the beliefs that lock you in self-doubt and anxiety? To come home to trusting in yourself…to know you are both supported AND able to meet your needs?

Are you ready to be empowered by your emotions, rather than ignoring them or feeling buried underneath? To know how to navigate fear, disappointment, anger and grief…as sacred guides leading you to the fulfillment of your desires and dreams?

Welcome to Awakening to Love.

In this 3-month program, we will be transforming the fear-based patterns and beliefs you have carried that have kept you stuck in heartbreak and disappointment, that have blocked you from fully shining your light in the world and loving yourself for all that you are—whether you are single or partnered, disillusioned, heartbroken, or ready to try again, this program is here to deepen your capacity to give and receive love in ALL of your relationships, beginning first and foremost with yourself.

Through a combination of transformational coaching, teaching and tools that deepen your self-awareness & self-love, along with the sacred power of sisterhood—you will both discover AND transform what has been in the way of having healthy, intimate relationships, so that you feel unleashed to create what you truly want in romance and in LIFE.

Are you ready to come home to your power & create relationships that thrive? Awakening to love begins November 4th, 2019.  

Your Investment: one payment of $960 or

3 payments of $370

Registration ends Wednesday 10/9 at 10pm EST

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I invite you to imagine with me for a moment…

What it would feel like to be fully seen and supported in your relationships, and that you are lit up by the life you are creating. Imagine what it feels like to be cherished—to experience consistent presence, appreciation, regular affection, words and actions that align every time…with a commitment to your highest good. Imagine yourself speaking up to a partner, colleagues, your parents, your friends, supervisors, etc…even in the face of trembling voice and shaky knees…to ask for what you want and being received with respect and compassion, and the desire to give you what you need. Imagine, even when feelings of self-doubt & fear arise…that you are no longer paralyzed by the idea of losing approval outside of yourself, and that you have the confident inner knowing to come back to self-trust, to courageously step forward and pursue your visions and dreams—imagine the power, the satisfaction, and deep fulfillment that would provide. Imagine no longer feeling selfish when you are purely receiving—that you can allow yourself rest, ease, play and pleasure. Imagine having your needs so fulfilled that you ONLY give when it feels good, and you do so, generously.

Can you imagine what that would make possible in your life? How you would feel? What you would create?

Chances are you are here because…

You are ready to commit to a whole new relationship with yourself. You know on some level that the path to thriving relationships begins with yourself…But you often second-guess yourself, you wonder if what you want is even possible or what if you’re just asking too much?

  • You may be in a relationship and feeling frustrated because you are not feeling supported & cherished at the level you desire. You’ve walked your whole life being the one supporting and giving and you don’t even know where to BEGIN when it comes to receiving. You may even be wondering if you should stay or walk away in your relationship.
  • You may be newly in a relationship and noticing that while everything “should” feel great, you feel anxious. This person is so great, yet you’re struggling to trust in your partner and yourself. You might be afraid that you’re going to push him/her away. How do you remain calm and trust in the unfolding?
  • You may be single and disillusioned. How many times do you have to put your heart out their before you get it right? You long to feel cherished and chosen by someone who loves with the devotion and presence that you bring…and you don’t have a clue how to end your cycle of heartbreak and call in the partner of your dreams.
  • You may be recently single and healing a broken heart. You are clear that being in a relationship is not where your focus needs to be, right now. It’s time to come home to yourself, to discover your power, your own purpose & connect with what lights you up…perhaps for the first time.
  • You may be single and committed on your path of self-love, excited to meet someone and try again now that you are discovering and investing in yourself…yet how do you know you can trust yourself to fully show up for you this time? What if you get swept up into a wave of feeling and abandon yourself and what you REALLY want, once again?

If you are ready to be grounded in self-awareness, self-trust and ready to commit to the most delicious relationship that you’ve ever had with YOURSELF, then this program is for you.

In this program, you will be learning, healing & receiving:

  • You will explore the early life challenges you faced, what you made them mean about yourself & life, & how that meaning has shaped how you give and receive in relationships.
  • You will get CRYSTAL clear on what you want…in relationships and all areas of your life and taking action grounded in your self-worth and belief in yourself.
  • You will be looking at your relationship history, getting fully aware of what ACTUALLY happened, the MEANING you brought to it, and creating a brand-new story about love.
  • You will become fully aware of & in the driver’s seat of your emotional navigation system—understanding the perfection of your emotions, understanding your feelings and the needs they are pointing to so that you are no longer stopped by fear, overwhelm, disappointment, etc. and are aligning your actions with FEELING GOOD, every day. (There has never been anything wrong with how you feel…and I’ll show you how.)
  • You will learn how to distinguish the different Insecure & Secure Attachment patterns, know where you fall on this spectrum and know how to meet your needs–AND choose partners who will be able to meet you there.
  • You will reconnect with and discover the sacred fire of your anger—and how to channel it into clarity around what you do and do not want, how to express it constructively, and to use it as a creative force for good.
  • You will become clear on & releasing any bullshit myths that you have learned through years of patriarchal conditioning & toxic masculinity that has muddled your truth, that’s had you judging yourself & dimming your light in your relationships.
  • You will be looking at your relationship to RECEIVING, to being expressed in your feminine, and facing the fears while taking the actions that feed your pleasure.
  • You will learn to distinguish the voice of your ego from your inner truth–so that you are no longer paralyzed over making a “wrong choice” and able to take confident action that is rooted in love instead of fear.
  • You will get present to all of the ways that YOU have unconsciously rejected yourself through the years, and learn to love and embrace every aspect of yourself.

Program Breakdown:

  • 9 LIVE group video calls on Mondays at 8pm EST (3 calls/month), led by yours truly where I will be both teaching you new ways of seeing & relating while ALSO coaching you on the court of your own life as we presence & transform the beliefs that have limited you from having what you want. These calls will be held virtually via Zoom and recorded in case you need to occasionally miss a call. (We will not meet the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas).
  • Your very own private group on Facebook where you can ask unlimited questions and receive insight and support & celebration from me and your sisters on this journey. This is where you get to show up to fully invest in your growth, and I will meet you there to ensure your success in this program.
  • Regular playsheets and assignments that have you actively applying our learning on the court in your own life.
  • BONUS: one of our calls will be an “Ask my partner” session in which my partner, Jamie, will be offering a healthy, masculine perspective on love and relationship and you will receive the opportunity to ask him WHATEVER you want 🙂 He’s just as excited to facilitate your growth as I am.
  • ADDITIONAL BONUS: Every woman in the group will get a 1-hr one-on-one session with me in which I will meet you with compassion & laser insight to focus specifically on your journey and create further breakthroughs in your life.

Are you ready to come home to your power & create relationships that thrive? Awakening to love begins November 4, 2019.  

Your Investment: one payment of $960 or

3 payments of $370

Registration ends Wednesday 10/9 at 10pm EST

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What Awakening to Love IS NOT:

  • It is not a “How to get a man/partner in 12-weeks” program. While YOU WILL be expanding your capacity to have an extraordinary relationship, this program is the opposite of “getting” anything outside of yourself that you do not already possess. My clients DO go on to attract and create successful relationships as a result of our work together, AND the only guarantee of this program is that you will love YOURSELF and the life you are creating…if you desire a partnership, it will unfold EFFORTLESSLY from that place.
  • It is NOT a self-improvement program. I am clear that there is nothing wrong with you and that it is the belief that you need to improve, change or fix any aspect of yourself that has actually BLOCKED you from having the relationships you desire. You WILL walk away fully empowered in the knowing that you are whole and complete just as you are.
  • It is not JUST a class where you take notes, learn stuff and move on. This is transformational work, which means we will be uncovering the blindspots, the misconceptions that you have not been able to see in the past that have blocked emotional intimacy with yourself and others in your life. You will be taking action rooted IN YOUR LIFE that will have you not just learning what hasn’t worked…but transforming what hasn’t work so that you are walking in the world in a brand-new way that you did not have access to before.

Why did I create Awakening to Love?

I say this with love for my former self–and I used to be CLUELESS when it comes to dating/romantic love. I was an expert people-pleaser. An expert self-doubter. And an expert at getting my heart broken and picking myself back up again…and again…and again.

I say this with love because SHE is the one that got me to where I am now–her courage, curiosity and passion led me to a place of deep, reverent self-love, compassion and ALSO now has me in the midst of a thriving partnership…and LIFE. I say this with love because she didn’t know any better. Just like you, I had been indoctrinated through years and years of good girl training. Training that taught me to question myself, to compare myself to other women, to think that my needs might be selfish, to always put other’s feelings above my own feeling good. Training that taught me to be pretty and pleasing and not TOO much. Training that had me unconsciously convinced that there is always something about me that needs to change before I “get it right” and meet someone who truly desires a relationship with me.

And thanks to a whole lot of growth work, studying, trial and error…and wise women through the years guiding me toward the truth, debunking the myths I didn’t know were myths, supporting me in coming home to MY desires, MY authentic voice and becoming my own source of love and POWER, I was able to shatter these illusions and see who I really am (ADORABLE!) and claim what I really want.

But, before that, I got pretty disillusioned. I really started to believe that I was a hopeless cause…that I was just going to keep getting love “wrong.” For the most part, I believed that there were happy relationships and just not for ME…over time, I even started to question becoming a buddhist nun or some sort of spiritually celibate woman. Truly.

In my disillusionment, something beautiful happened. I started to listen to myself. I hit such a low point that I had no choice but to simply trust in and follow my simple desires as they arose, leading to met needs and feeling better and better. In the process, I came to understand what self-love really is. I began to build a beautiful life for myself rooted in my deepest values. I got clear about what I wanted and what wasn’t working in my THINKING that was blocking me from creating the life I longed for. And by the time I met the love of my life, I had also become masterful at relationship. All of the heartbreak brought me home to the knowing that I am a BADASS at relationship, I just wasn’t being discerning when choosing partners (because I was trained to seek love outside of myself).

SO….I am now ready to open the flood gates and share everything that I’ve learned with you. Because just like I had teachers point me to my truth and help me claim my freedom, I want this for you…so that you can love yourself and your life, NOW. So that you can create relationships that thrive.

Now that I am on the other side of that suffering, and after 11 years of working with clients, catalyzing your freedom and self-love, I cannot SIT STILL when I witness another woman suffering through the same pattern of self-abuse in her relationships. That’s right: self-abuse. Every time that you think there is something wrong with you. Every moment that you spend trying to fix or improve yourself. Every time you bypass your anger with “kindness and consideration.” Every moment that you silence yourself, doubt yourself, invalidate your feelings and deny your needs…you have engaged in self-abuse. And I cannot remain silent when I know how to awaken you to the irresistible love that YOU ARE.

And I am here to awaken you to love.

As a recovering people-pleaser I am committed to your knowing yourself as irresistibly lovable and setting yourself free from the patterns that have kept you small and suffering in your relationships, that have kept you from creating an exquisitely passionate life.

Are you ready to come home to your power & create relationships that thrive? Awakening to love begins November 9, 2019.  

Your Investment: one payment of $960 or

3 payments of $370

Registration ends Wednesday 10/9 at 10pm EST

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Awakening to Love Success Stories: 

“When I first signed up for Awakening to Love I wanted to ensure that I had support and guidance for this next chapter of my life. I was open to learning more about “real” love per say. I have to say that it was purely intuitive. I felt divinely led. I was afraid at first, afraid to let you know me I thought. Now I realise, I was more afraid to let me know me. I had no idea that I had all these unmet needs, victim strategies, hero strategies. Not to the degree that I saw these in me the last couple of months. Situations, synchronized situations, presented themselves so that I could begin this journey of acknowledging the roles I play in my love experience with self and others.
I watched the same things show up for group members… Situations showed up for them to practice their new found strategies.

Melissa helped me get in touch with a belief I have regarding my sense of “enoughness”. She brought me right there to when I was 6 or 7. Where I created the victim/hero strategy. Be nice and kind always. Then I might be loved. This I know will be life changing for me because seeing when I created this perception is incredibly helpful in seeing that I now have the power to change that thought. I’ve always been enough. In fact, I am seeing I have so much to offer. Now I’m learning to offer myself to myself. What I most appreciated from this journey is having the group and Melissa hold space for me. Knowing I was being heard, held up, and loved.

I would recommend this to any one of my friends and family that needed to explore self care, love, relationships. I would say Melissa and this group are Divinely inspired and led and will always meet us gently and lovingly, where we are at. Melissa and this group have sprung me into another level of hope, joy, knowing, empathy. So much to learn. My feelings list, list of needs, I will carry with me.

I’m proud of myself and proud of this group for showing up, and allowing their vulnerability. I’m teary writing this letter. My heart is healing… I’m Awakening to Love.” Awakening to Love Sister in Sudbury, Ontario

“When we began this journey, I was sharing the twin bed in the guest room with my dog, enduring the most stressful period in my 50 years. In May, my dear brother’s brain cancer diagnosis and death woke me up. My marriage wasn’t working and hadn’t for some time. Maybe never. I told my husband I was done. He spent the summer trying to convince me otherwise. He was suddenly the perfect husband. Everything I had ever asked for, he was now doing. I was torn. Why would I leave when he was doing everything? My heart knew I didn’t love him anymore. Late October I was finally able to say I was done in a way he was able to hear. Early November he moved out. There have been ups and downs since then, but overall we are doing well with the transition. Now I enjoy my queen-sized bed in the master bedroom. I’m planning a girls’ weekend in Idaho. I’m learning what I like, want, feel after 18 years of prioritizing what someone else likes, wants and feels. This program appeared at the perfect time (of course) for me to Awaken to my love for myself. The exercises on 12/13 & 12/20 were especially impactful for me. I saw how my caretaking is a cover up. I saw what I really want in a relationship: To be authentic, vulnerable, sometimes weak and helpless and still be loved. To be taken care of. To be angry or sad and know it’s ok. I heard from my Inner Magical Child. For the first time I heard her. She had lots to say: She likes to eat fruit and warm food She likes to wear bright colors and soft fabrics She likes happy, loving, generous, honest God people She likes to feel tender, enchanted, thrilled, moved, fulfilled and vibrant Home, family and Tribe make her feel safe She wants her surroundings to be neat, pretty, soft, earthy and natural She wants me to “BE HERE” One of the most valuable tools for me is to ask myself “why” I want to numb. Very helpful. If I’m just tired and need to rest my brain, then I allow myself to numb guilt-free. If there’s something else going on, I have a choice. Also helpful to check in with my feelings a few times a day. (I put reminders on my phone calendar) It was a stretch to participate in this program at this time. I didn’t always give 100%. I am forgiving myself for not being perfect and acknowledging myself for taking some hugs strides. Thank you all for sharing the journey.” Awakening to Love Sister in Wisconsin

“When I started this journey, I was mentally exhausted. I felt defeated, and unclear as to where I was going. I craved clarity, peace of mind and acceptance. Along this path, I discovered that the root of many of the things I was experiencing was rooted in my childhood. My reactions, my thought processes, playing the victim, afraid of rejection, defensive walls built when I needed them to be, and a general feeling of being unsafe. Feeling anxious when I felt partners pull away in the past and chasing them all the more was eye opening to me….What is possible to me as I sit here today is the ability to be strong in myself, yet nurturing to ME. Saying yes to me. Valuing me, recognizing the positive in me, and knowing that I am a radiant queen, I do not go to the villagers house and beg to eat with them……..which can be used in all areas of my life. I feel like I would like more time now that this is the foundation and now I want to build my house on this. I have appreciated the comradery, the shared sisterhood, and the freedom to be vulnerable without judgement.” Awakening to Love Sister in Madison, WI

“When I signed up for this program,…I realized that I had a great longing to experience intimacy in my relationship and had been so afraid to tackle my fears that were in the way. Throughout this program I have gained courage to really dive into my “bad” feelings. I have grown in my ability to discern my true feelings and what needs they are pointing to. I have started to break down the walls I had built that were keeping me from intimacy. I think there are still a few more to go – like the layers of an onion – but I am peeling them away one by one. Now at the end of this program I’m discovering the beauty in letting your guard down. I’ve seen just how tender and precious we all are at heart when we let ourselves become vulnerable, but ironically we can’t see that until we step into our STRENGTH and realize that we deserve to ask for and have what we desire. I have loved seeing everyone’s journeys and our victories, both big and small. Going forward I will without a doubt maintain the journaling practice that I’ve started to continue discerning my feelings and needs. I’ve gained confidence in myself and will continue to practice self care and compassion. I would recommend (and already have recommended!) this program to anyone who desires peace and fulfillment in and out of their relationships. Melissa packed so many goodies into a relatively short period of time, and the group was such a safe and supportive space to work through how to apply what we’ve learned in our own real life situations. I want to celebrate the COURAGE of all us to go on this journey together. This work can make you feel so vulnerable, but we have stepped into that space and brought some of our most painful and personal experiences to light. Thank you all for always being so supportive and non-judgmental no matter what any of us brought to the table. I love you ladies and wish you the absolute best as you continue on your journeys.” Awakening to Love Sister in North Carolina

Praise for Melissa’s One-On-One Mentorship:

“My favorite part about working with Melissa is that she is so honest. Like, no sugar-coating, no tiptoeing around the difficult parts honest. That was really difficult to deal with at first, but it helped me in so many ways – mostly in that I now strive in my daily life to be honest with people. To be AUTHENTICALLY me. Even when it is uncomfortable. But she is also so gentle and compassionate. She made a space for my feelings, my fears, my doubts, and she has celebrated along with me as I made discoveries along my journey.

Holy moly, there were so many changes that occurred during our months of work together! When we started working together, I was crying all of the time and suffering from insomnia, while working full time and taking care of an infant (basically alone). I hadn’t spoken to anyone besides a couples’ therapist about what had happened. I received a lot of bad advice. I felt extremely isolated and alone. I was immobilized by the fear of change, fear of judgement, fear of the unknown. Through our work together, I have learned to let people in and to speak my truth – and to let go of people and things that are no longer serving me. I have increased confidence. I trust myself and my gut again (which is HUGE!). I feel worthy of love. I know that I am capable of making the life I want, because I have! Because of our work together, I was able to leave a toxic relationship. The physical space I made for myself and a lot of reading helped me see the patterns I was stuck in and how they were negatively impacting my life. I was able to start speaking up for myself, to start setting boundaries, to take control of my life. I was able to move into my own place, an apartment that I could not have even imagined would be so perfect, and to create the home I was so very much longing for. I feel like a new person. I feel expanded. I feel awake and grounded. I feel solid. While I still experience daily challenges of an unhealthy coparenting relationship, I feel STRONG. I feel capable of anything. Because I know I have my own back. I won’t let myself down.” Client in Madison, WI

“I can now say that I am a recovering people-pleaser! While it’s still a work in progress, I’ve grown to allow myself to choose myself over others, trusting that my happiness will benefit them and give them the freedom to choose themselves in their own lives.  I no longer run from my negative emotions. While the instinct has been to push them down and rid myself of them immediately, I am now able to see that I should take a step back and choose to explore them instead. I understand that those negative emotions are a sign that I need to examine what needs are not being met in that moment. All it takes is making a choice to meet that need and the negative feeling effortlessly goes away – no more rationalizing it or disqualifying it!  Not only that, but I’ve begun to recognize this in others.  Knowing that others’ expressions toward me are their own (likely sub-conscious) efforts to meet needs allows me to no longer take their negative emotions or criticisms personally. Instead I am able to remain confident in myself and examine what can be done to help them meet their needs from a more objective perspective. But, perhaps the greatest lesson that I’ve learned is that I am not a victim of my circumstances.  Oh my gosh.  This is one that we talked about multiple times, but I don’t think it really hit home until I finally let myself live in those negative feelings of discomfort and pain that come with seeing yourself as a victim. It is truly so debilitating. For me I can see now how that has been such a huge roadblock on my self-love journey. Victimizing myself robs me of my power, gives it to everything and everyone else that ever hurt me, and keeps me stuck. It’s that lingering veil of pain and sadness that has been telling me I’ll never feel better.  Choosing to let go of that mentality has been one of the greatest acts of self-love that I have ever done. What greater gift can you give yourself than to stop hurting yourself and restore your power?!  When you no longer feel you’re at the mercy of someone or something else, you have the freedom to pursue anything and everything you’ve ever wanted: the lifestyle you want, the people you want in your life, the love you want to receive. I now feel like it is possible to create the life that I desire and to receive love untarnished by past pain.  Client in North Carolina

“Through working with Melissa, I have become so much more self-confident and self-aware. I am more in tune with my body and my mind, which has helped me to make some big decisions these past four months. I feel like I have a sense of purpose and direction. She helped me to reignite my inner fire and I feel it glowing strong! My anxiety that I had about the future and my life are gone. She helped me to see that I can trust in the universe to unfold the way it should. 

All of this confidence and awareness has helped me to move forward in my life. I know what I want and the most important part is that I am finally able to allow myself to have it without feeling guilty. I have learned to let go of lists and planning every detail. I need to listen to myself and let my feminine energy flow in order to feel freedom in everyday life. I have learned to be honest about what I want and to express that to people without feeling guilty about it. I have learned to stop thinking I am protecting others by not being honest. This was a huge step for me in regards to relationships.

Fast forward 4 years since we worked together and I have been in an extraordinary, committed relationship for 3 years, I LOVE the work I’m doing, I have incorporated my love of travel into my career, and my confidence and love for myself and the life I’m creating grows everyday. 

For anyone considering hiring Melissa, I would say this: ‘If you want to find joy in your life and learn to listen to your inner yes, you need to hire Melissa! She helped give my life direction again when I was feeling more lost than I have ever been. I can’t thank her enough for helping me to reignite my inner fire and passion. Life is beautiful again.” Client in Madison, WI

“I would 100% recommend hiring Melissa. I grew up feeling like I was lucky since I had quite a few friends that had terrible life experiences very early on, death of a parent, divorce, father leaving the family, etc. So any difficulties I had in life I felt like they were too small to ask for help. Melissa gave me permission to think about my needs, how to satisfy my unmet needs and to focus on myself. I love that she is female-centric and uses her female-empowering knowledge to free women from the societal expectations. It felt revolutionary to be told that I might be angry and not anxious. Melissa really listens but she also isn’t shy about telling you the truth, even when it is something you may have never heard before even from a parent or loved one. I was so happily surprised by the changes she was able to help me make in my life. I’ve had more “break throughs” in the time working with her than I have in a lifetime. She has made changes that will stick.” Client in New York, NY

Are you ready to come home to your power & create relationships that thrive? Awakening to love begins November 4, 2019.  

Your Investment: one payment of $960 or

3 payments of $370

Registration ends Wednesday 10/9 at 10pm EST

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GlamourShot70As a catalyst for powerful transformation and an ambassador of radical self-love, it is Melissa’s commitment to help as many people as possible claim their birthright: to boldly love and CELEBRATE the beautiful, powerful beings that they are. A trained Spiritual Life Coach since 2006, Astrologer, Storyteller & Singer-Songwriter, she released her debut album of original songs “Be a Light” in 2011. In addition to her one-on-one Astrology work, Self-Love Mentorship and group coaching, she also creates life-changing keynote presentations, retreats and workshops infused with her uplifting music, fiercely honest sharing & powerful inquiries. Melissa dares & inspires all who cross her path to discover the extraordinary things that can happen when they fall truly, madly & deeply in love with themselves. To learn more and/or to book Melissa for your event, visit: